We Spoil Dogs For a Living!

We Spoil Dogs For a Living!


Letter From The Owner:

I would like to personally thank you for your continued support of Daisy’s. In February, of 2024, we will have been open for 6 years. You have made our growth possible. We are committed to continuing to grow, improve and earn your trust. I have one guiding principle and that is we treat every dog entrusted into our care as if it is our own. With that principle in mind, our goal is to give you back your dog clean, healthy and tired. When we do that, we consider it a win. 

I believe I have the best staff around and I know how hard they work to provide unparalleled service to every dog and customer. We are not perfect, mistakes happen. Sometimes the dogs do not cooperate with our goal as well. Unfortunately, dogs play with teeth and nails. Upon occasion, cuts and scratches happen. We also have dogs that make it their mission to roll in anything wet or worse.  We work hard to catch every occurrence. We will give baths when needed and notify you immediately if your dog does require any form of physical care. Dogs also greet each other nose to nose or nose to rear. This combined with the fact that a dog can be infectious and not symptomatic, makes it virtually impossible to keep some dogs from catching an occasionally prevalent communicable illness. Every dog entering any of our facilities is required to be current on vaccinations. The vaccines will help mitigate the severity of the upper respiratory illnesses in the environment but are not able to prevent infection from all the available contagions.

We are working hard to improve upon the overall enrichment for every dog in our care. We are spending more time in group with the dogs, providing more activities for the dogs, and providing more individual attention to any of the dogs in our care that do not participate in group play for any reason. I am also committed to increased training for all the staff. 

I am also very proud of our groomers. We have some of the best groomers in the area. They do a tremendous job and the quality of their work speaks for itself. When they are here, they make every effort to provide uninterrupted attention to the dogs they have scheduled. Between the volume of noise in the grooming area and their focus on the dogs on the tables, it can be tough for them to be as responsive to phone calls and emails as they would like. We are committed to improving our ability to be responsive and are working on ways to make this happen. I ask for your patience as we work to increase the speed with which we respond. The quality of the grooms our groomers provide keeps them in high demand. They are consistently booked out two weeks to a month for grooming appointments. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your dog’s grooms. It is always best to schedule your next groom at pick-up from your current groom. 

If at any point we fall short of meeting your expectations, please let me know directly. We are committed to being the best place possible for you and your dogs. I want to know if there is something we could have done to improve the experience for you or for the dogs you entrust into our care. As I mentioned earlier, mistakes happen. When we make mistakes, we want an opportunity to fix the situation and an opportunity to learn. This helps us keep from repeating mistakes. If after staying with us your dog has any health issues, please let me know as well. I will provide whatever help I can to make sure that your dog stays as healthy as possible. 

Every day we hear from our customers about how much their dog loves coming to Daisy’s.  It is always great to hear when your efforts are appreciated. If your dog loves coming to Daisy’s, please let us know. We love hearing those stories. The greatest complement you can give us is referring us to your friends and family. I promise you that we will make every effort to continue to earn your trust.



Daisy's Pet Playground offers the finest boarding, day care, grooming and training in the Tri-State!

We are confident that we can keep your pups tail wagging!

Daisy's offers two locations in Evansville for your convenience. Contact us today for questions.


East Side's Dog of the Month!

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Congratulations to Teddy for being Daisy’s Pet Playground’s August Dog of the Month.

Downtown Dog of the Month!

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Congratulations to Cash for being Daisy’s Downtown’s Dog of the Month for August. 

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"We love Daisy's. They are the best. Our puppy loves it there so much when we arrive he runs to the front door."

Philip M.

“Unbelievable place consistently going above and beyond. They genuinely love your pet and treat them like their own."

Lauren J.

“Great place to take your pets. My two puppies rush to get in the building every morning so they must love it.”

Craig B.

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2021 Courier & Press Readers' Choice Award Winner!

Daisy's Pet Playground has been awarded the best pet boarding kennel and best pet daycare in the area. We were also a finalist for best pet grooming!

Thank you to the community for your support.

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